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Thu Jan 19, 2017
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How do I set up direct deposit of my pay into my bank account?  
To sign up for Direct Deposit of your paycheck, retirement check, government check, or other recurring electronic funds deposit to your bank account, you will need to complete a Direct Deposit Authorization Form that includes your name, Social Security Number, and specific bank information (account routing numbers, bank address, etc.) and submit it to your employer for processing. Attaching a voided check or deposit slip can often be helpful. It usually takes a paycheck or two before the automatic deposits begin, so follow-up with your financial institution.
Keywords: Financial Issues, Finance, Banking, Pay

Question & Answer Service Providers  
Service ProviderReferenceMeans of Delivery
Civilian Personnel Office Verbal
Defense Finance and Accounting Service Written
Human Resources Verbal
Local Banking Facilities Verbal
Military Pay Office Verbal
Military Personnel Office Verbal
Personnel and Administration Center Verbal

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