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Sat Jan 21, 2017
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Amie Jones
Amie Jones
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did you know that AFTB has a great Legacy and was born out of lessons learned from Dessert Storm/Dessert Shield when senior leaders and spouses determined that some kind of education program was needed to help Soldiers and Family Members better cope with deployments and separations? That was back in 1991!

With the AFTB Birthday just around the corner, look at this time line and remember why we've been volunteering for AFTB for as long as we have!

In 1992, General Fred Franks, Commander, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), directs the Command and General Staff College (CGSC) to develop a concept for spouse education using the Army’s Leader Development Model. The Leader Development Decision Network (LDDN) convenes to take corrective action on lessons learned from Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm. AND THEN the Army Family Team Building concept was assigned to Army Community Service staff at the US Army Community and Family Support Center (CFSC).
In June 1992: AFTB LDDN is activated, chaired by the CGSC Commandant and assisted by the CFSC Commander. The Reserve Component, Army staff elements and overseas major Army commands are invited to participate. In October 1992: Senior NCOs are briefed at the Association of the United States Army convention and overwhelmingly support the AFTB plan. In November 1992, Chief of Staff of the Army General Gordon R. Sullivan is briefed, approves the initial AFTB concept, and wants the programs resourced.

In 1993, February: General Sullivan approves AFTB concept and budget. That summer: Soldier training support packages developed to sequentially educate Soldiers about AFTB in the TRADOC schools. In October: AFTB office established at CFSC. Then in November: Training began for Soldiers (TRADOC is the proponent for soldier AFTB). In December 1993, Family Member training support packages (Levels I, II, III) finalized. (CFSC is the proponent for family member AFTB).
Then in January 1994: Family member facilitator training (Master Training) packages developed. In April 1994: Training began for DA civilians (Civilian Personnel office is the proponent for civilian AFTB).
In June: First AFTB training specialist hired. Volunteer master trainer training began.
In November 1994: AFTB training began at installation level. Just a mere 3 years since AFTB was conceptualized!
In December 1994: Chief of Staff/Sergeant Major of the Army (SMA) sign official Army policy letter. 1995, Chief of Staff of the Army General Dennis J. Reimer fully endorsed the program.
In 1996 AFTB was implemented worldwide. December 16th 1998
General Reimer/SMA Hall proclaims "Army Family Team Building Day“. In November 1999, AFTB received of the Association of Volunteer Administrators (AVA) prestigious 1999 Organizational Service Award.
In October 2004, Army Community Service became AFTB’s official supporting agency.

To This Day, AFTB continues to empower the Total Army Family one class at a time.

What are you going to do to celebrate AFTB's 16th Birthday?

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