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Thu Jan 19, 2017
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Justin Duvall
Justin Duvall
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I am in the USAF, and have joined the Army OneSource group in Second Life.

Please excuse my copy/pasted chat log below, but it is necessary for this to come to attention so something can be done about it. If the admins here wish, please remove it, it is below the line of *'s. I tried to cencor it enough so you can see what is being said.

I am Involved in the Global Learning Forum Event group, one of the DoD involved groups.

I noticed that all but one admin has not logged in since 2011, and the one person to log in this year was in January.

You have individuals that have joined the group thinking it is a roleplay or just to have it show on their profile.

This looks bad on the Army as a whole when conversations like this are made by a Member who is advertising the Army's group in their SL profile. Please note that i see this all the time. There may be a need to kick individuals out of the SL group.

This was in a Script group (SL programming)

[17:40:50] Loco Alchemi: I wanna plan a carefully orchestrated heist of a burger king
[17:41:35] jeaniesing Trilling: llRobBurgerKing is only on the beta grid right now.... *shrugs*
[17:41:55] Loco Alchemi: I don't give a shit I got a Mesh AK47 and ski mask
[17:42:44] jeaniesing Trilling: but you still haven;t learned to read :(.... "2. No Swearing, no immature behaviour."
[17:43:27] Loco Alchemi: F**k
[17:43:39] Sysdef Wonder: i try to code a perl/gtk2 GUI in RL and i miss a widget in my window :'[
[17:43:43] Loco Alchemi: S**T
[17:44:05] Loco Alchemi: I'm above the law. Watch. ASS
[17:44:14] Loco Alchemi: C**K
[17:44:23] Loco Alchemi: Lol
[17:44:30] Loco Alchemi: That's a synonym for chicken
[17:44:32] jeaniesing Trilling: y'know... I bet if you started an ?Immatire scripters group" you could be the God you wish to be in it :)
[17:44:48] Loco Alchemi: ******
[17:44:57] Alexx Chant: llDie();
[17:45:08] Loco Alchemi: BASTARD
[17:45:15] Sysdef Wonder: Virginia is the correct spelling

I hope that actions will be taken, this is not the type of behavior that I would expect from a US Army soldier, so I am assuming it is some random kid that has joined the group.

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