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Wed Aug 24, 2016
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Mobilization and Deployment  
Welcome to the Mobilization and Deployment online forum.This is a definitive place for all members of the Army Family, which includes all Soldiers(Active, Guard, and Reserve)and Army Civilians and their spouses,children, parents,and extended family and friends,to seek information, ask questions and share their concerns about mobilization and deployment in a community environment.Thank you for stopping by and we welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and to hear about your experiences.

Terra Zvara
Terra Zvara
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We talk about Readiness a lot in the Army. There is Mission Readiness, Soldier Readiness, Financial Readiness and Family Readiness. What is Readiness? The dictionary defines Readiness as: the state of having been made ready or prepared for use or action. Soldier Readiness means that our Soldiers are continuously preparing and keeping their skills sharp. The same can be said for Family Readiness. One of the ways our Families can stay ready is by taking advantage of the programs offered here at Army OneSource and at their local installation Army Community Service center. Online and in person training is available in areas such as finances, children and deployment, and reunion. These courses assist Family Readiness by providing tools and tips on how to manage finances, gather official documents and dealing with the emotions that come with long separations. What does Readiness mean to you and your Family? We welcome your thoughts, suggestions and questions.

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