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Thu Jan 19, 2017
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Mobilization and Deployment  

Terra Zvara
Terra Zvara
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At times, it can appear, with all the focus on military Families that single Soldiers are on their own. However, every Soldier has a family, including single Soldiers. All Soldiers and Family members are encouraged and welcome at all Family Readiness events and programs. A single Soldier's Family may be made up of parents and siblings, their children, a fiancé, a close friend or a variety of other combinations all of whom care and support the Soldier.

There are several programs and materials specifically for single Soldiers. The Deployment Cycle Readiness Handbook has a single Soldier Pre-Deployment Checklist, the Strong Bonds program has Strong Bonds for Single Soliders, and the National Guard Yellow Ribbon has a Single Soldier Reintegration Program.

While we have highlighted a few resources, we want to know how we can better help our single Soldiers and their Families during the deployment cycle. Please take a minute to share your concerns, suggestions, and comments on how Family Programs can improve our service and assistance to single Soldiers and their Families. We look forward to hearing from you.


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