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Sat Jul 30, 2016
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Army Family Team Building Program Manager Forum  
This is a forum for Army Family Team Building(AFTB) Program Managers both paid and volunteer to share information, discuss program information, network and build a sense of community. We invite all AFTB Program Managers to join the forum so they can join the discussion. Please remember to treat this forum as an extension of your workplace and to limit the discussions to items pertaining to the AFTB Program.

Lisa Willadsen
Lisa Willadsen
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The AFTB Program will begin holding a series of professional development sessions on-line. The sessions are open to all AFTB Program Managers, Instructors and Volunteers.

The training will take place on Defense Connect Online.

Please go to the web site to verify your computer has the required certificates to support the conference.

The professional development dates and topics are:

Client Tracking System Reports
16 February @ 0900EST/1500EST/1900EST

AFTB via Social Media (AFTB Facebook Training)
16 March @ 0900 EST/1500EST/1900EST
23 March @ 1000EST and 1900EST

How to Develop AFTB Concept Blocks
3 April @ 1000EST/1500EST
28 April @ 1000EST/1900EST

To connect to the training follow this link and sign in using your full name at the time indicated.

If you have any questions contact your local AFTB Program Manager for details.

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