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Fri Jul 03, 2015
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AFAP Download Center Categories  
HQDA 2007 AFAP Conference (4)

HQDA 2007 AFAP Conference
HQDA 2008 AFAP Conference materials & AFAP 25th Anniversary information (10)

2008 HQDA AFAP Conference materials and information on the 25th Anniversary of AFAP
HQDA 2009 AFAP Conference

HQDA 2009 AFAP Conference
HQDA Nov 06 Conference Issues (10)

Issue Information Papers

Category Files  
AR 608-47
AR 608-47
File Size : 315 KB | Source: Patricia Centeno
AFAP Diversity
AFAP Diversity Slide
File Size : 85 KB | Source: Patricia Centeno
What Keeps AFAP Relevant
What Keeps AFAP Relevant Slide
File Size : 325 KB | Source: Patricia Centeno
2 Processes Working in Tandem
2 Processes Working in Tandem Slide
File Size : 66 KB | Source: Patricia Centeno
Issue Solicitation Paper
Describes how to write an issue to submit to an AFAP Conference. It explains all the "pieces" to a good issue.
File Size : 24 KB | Source: System Staff

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