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Sun Jul 24, 2016
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Mobilization and Deployment Outcomes Deployment Cycle Questionnaire For Service Members  
Mobilization and Deployment Outcomes Deployment Cycle Questionnaire For Service Members
WELCOME to the Deployment Cycle Questionnaire for Soldiers, DA Deployed Civilians and other Service members. You are invited to take this questionnaire because you have recently been involved in some part of the deployment cycle. We would like to know what your experiences were and which Mobilization and Deployment trainings, classes, support groups, or other resources you used. The information you provide will be used to help us understand ways to improve Mobilization and Deployment programs and services.

The survey will take approximately XX minutes to complete.

WHO IS SPONSORING THE QUESTIONNAIRE? This questionnaire is sponsored by the Mobilization and Deployment Staff (Mr. Martin Inman, Mob/Dep Readiness Chief) at HQ IMCOM G9. Cornell University is conducting the questionnaire for HQDA, IMCOM G9 Family Programs under a National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)/Department of Defense cooperative agreement.

HOW WILL MY PRIVACY BE PROTECTED? Participation is voluntary and your answers are anonymous. The questionnaire will be housed on a secure Army approved server and participant responses cannot be tracked back to you. You have the right to skip any questions that you do not wish to answer. Only the Cornell University staff involved with preparing the information for analysis has access to the completed survey data.

 Find out what issues military personnel face during the deployment cycle especially during post deployment,
 Identify useful services, trainings, briefings, and related resources, and
 Collect your recommendations about how Army Family Programs can help Soldiers, DA Civilians and Families throughout the deployment cycle.

WHAT WILL WE DO WITH THE RESULTS? We will summarize our findings in a final report for HQ Mobilization and Deployment staff. Neither the report nor the summary will identify individual respondents including any written comments.

If you have any questions, please contact Family Programs, IMCOM-G9, Martin Inman, ( Questions regarding confidentiality or use of information can be addressed with Cindy Enroth ( or Marney Thomas ( of Cornell University.

Your participation is greatly appreciated. By clicking on the link, you are agreeing to take the questionnaire. WHEN YOU ARE READY, PLEASE CLICK THE "TAKE THIS SURVEY" LINK.
Total Questions: 52
Estimated Completion Time: 0 minutes

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