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Thu Aug 13, 2020
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Developing Frames of Reference -- Question & Answer Listing  
Question / Answer

How are personal “frames of reference” developed?

A personal frame of reference refers to the set of one’s own norms and values that affect the way an individual perceives and processes information. People develop their own set of values and norms over time as their parents, friends, co-workers and other people or things in their life influence them. An individual’s personal frame of references shapes the way he/she responds to situations and determines how the individual interacts with others and reacts to situations in life.

How do personal frames of reference impact an organization?

Because personal frames of reference shape the way individuals perceive information and interact with others, they can have a potential to narrow one’s point of view. It is important, therefore (particularly for leaders) to recognize key elements of their frames of reference and to consider expanding them to adapt to new and complex situations.

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