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Thu Aug 13, 2020
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Public Relations -- Question & Answer Listing  
Question / Answer

As a family member, can I talk to the press about my spouse's unit and how I am coping during his/her deployment?

Family members should use their own discretion in talking to the press. However, if you do talk to the media, be friendly, honest, and professional. Remember that when you’re talking about the military, you represent the military. Stick to facts and information you are personally knowledgeable about. Do not make speculations. Remember the importance of “OPSEC.” Even if the information you give does not appear to be sensitive, you don't want to jeopardize the safety of the unit's Soldiers or their family members. It is best to refer the media to the appropriate authorities (Rear Detachment Commander, the Public Affairs Office, etc.) for questions regarding unit activities. The Public Affairs Office can also provide you with more tips on how to talk to the media.

How can I get people to participate in our Family Readiness Group?

Because participation in a Family Readiness Group (FRG) is voluntary, the only way to get people involved is to make it something that they want to be involved in. The first thing you need to do is to educate Soldiers, family members, etc. on the benefits of FRGs. As a unit commander, you can talk about FRGs at unit formations or command and staff meetings. You can speak to family members at coffees or during the unit organization day. As an FRG leader or publicity chairperson, you can create flyers and/or distribute newsletters about the FRG and what events are taking place. Meet new Soldiers and their families when they arrive and encourage them to participate. Coordinate transportation for them to the next FRG meeting or activity. These are just a few suggestions on how to get FRG members involved. Learn more about FRGs from the Army Family Readiness Group Leader’s Handbook and the other resources listed.

What are some ways to advertise meetings and events for our Family Readiness Group (or other volunteer oganization)?

There are a number of different methods you can use to advertise your meetings and/or events. Word-of-mouth, telephone calls (perhaps using your telephone tree), personal invitations (mailed to members), email, announcements during unit formations, flyers (perhaps attached to Soldier’s Leave and Earnings Statements), newsletters, community bulletin boards, etc. Learn more about these different methods and/or training that may be needed to utilize some of them by referring to the resources listed.

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