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Thu Aug 13, 2020
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Orchestrating -- Question & Answer Listing  
Question / Answer

How do strategic leaders achieve organizational goals when there are competing demands on his/her time and the organization’s resources?

Strategic leaders need to establish priorities from competing demands on his/her time and the organization’s resources. They also need to use effective interpersonal skills to communicate their decisions to organizational members so they understand how they arrived at these decisions.

What are some tips for placing personnel in the most effective positions?

Effectively placing people in jobs where they can excel and that also benefit the organization is an important task for all employers. Ideally, leaders should place individuals in positions that utilize their strengths and balance their weaknesses. Initially, information extracted from the individual’s resumes and through the interview process, combined with a leader’s good judgment, helps to make this determination. Once a person is onboard, it is important to develop his/her skills in order for them to reach their full potential and support the needs of the organization. A positive organizational climate, along with trust and candor between leaders and subordinates creates an environment that encourages subordinates to express their desires for new roles and responsibilities in the organization. This allows leaders to make the best use of a subordinate’s capabilities and match their career aspirations with the organization’s mission.

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