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Thu Aug 13, 2020
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Developing Strategic Vision -- Question & Answer Listing  
Question / Answer

How do leaders transform abstract concepts into concrete actions?

There is no easy answer to this question because it depends on the subject matter. However, in general, leaders rely on their knowledge and experiences to develop plans of action from abstract concepts. Creatively thinking “outside the box” and brainstorming with peers or other group members also helps leaders transform abstract ideas to concrete actions.

What are the benefits for leaders to engage in the early stages of policy development?

There are a number of benefits associated with participating in policy development for a group or organization. For example, if the policy affects multiple groups or division in an organization, participating in its development allows you to protect your group’s interests and/or resources. Additionally, it is a leader’s responsibility to clarify policy for subordinates and provide specific directions/guidelines to them regarding their roles in enforcing the organization’s policy. Helping to develop the policy will ensure the leader’s own understanding of it.

Why is it so important to keep members informed of decisions that impact the organization?

It is important to keep members informed of decisions that impact the organization whether they directly or indirectly affect them. Members of an organization want to believe that the leaders of their organization are doing their job properly and effectively. They need to be able to trust organization leaders in order to feel secure in their own positions, whether they are employees, volunteers, or just associates of the organization. Decisions such as policy changes, merging with another business, or changing leadership can often stir up uncertainty in an organization. It is important to justify these decisions to organization members in order to provide reassurance and acceptance.

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