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Tue Aug 04, 2020
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What are some of the roles individuals play to build successful relationships.

Group members often take on different roles when forming a relationship and/or building a cohesive team. These roles evolve as the group grows and continues to work together. The Army Family Team Building (AFTB) Level II class, “Enhancing Relationship Building,” describes “maintenance” roles as those characteristics that develop within a group to help nurture and maintain the feeling of togetherness that has been built. Below is a description of these roles, taken from the AFTB class materials: 1. Supporting: Offering praise, agreement, solidarity, and recognition; 2. Harmonizing: Reconciling disagreements, reducing tension, and helping members explore each other’s personal meaning; 3. Compromising: Admitting personal errors and cooperating to preserve cohesion; 4. Gatekeeping: Ensuring that everyone is involved in the group’s activities by keeping the lines of communication open and encouraging interaction; 5. Following: Passively accepting ideas and serving as an audience.

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