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Sat Sep 19, 2020
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How can I encourage all members of our Family Readiness Group to participate?  
“Operation READY” materials include the Army Family Readiness Group Leader’s Handbook that replaced DA Pamphlet 608-47, A Guide to Establishing Family Support Groups. In this handbook, paraphrasing DA Pamphlet 608-47, the FRG is “an organization of family members, volunteers, soldiers, and civilian employees belonging to a unit/organization who together provide an avenue of mutual support and assistance and a network of communication among the members, the chain of command, and community resources.” Members include all assigned and attached Soldiers (married and single), spouses and children, extended families, fiancées, boyfriends/girlfriends, retirees, DA civilians, and other interested community members who have an attachment to the group. Although membership is automatic, participation is voluntary. Getting members to actively participate in the FRG can be challenging. However, command support, fun activities, good communication, and sincere and effective leaders can help to increase participation. As a leader, keep in mind that group members are diverse. They include individuals of all ranks, genders, ages, races, religions, and cultural backgrounds. Some members may be single, married, dual military or single-parent families. Make sure to plan activities that allow all members to feel included. More information on Family Readiness Groups can be found in the Army Family Readiness Leader’s Handbook, which can be downloaded from the Army Community Service website at or consult the other references listed here.
Keywords: team building, Group Cohesion, FRG

Question & Answer Service Providers  
Service ProviderReferenceMeans of Delivery
Army Community Service The Army Family Readiness Group Leader's Handbook Publication
Army Community Service Operation R.E.A.D.Y. Handbook Publication
U.S. Army Command and General Staff College Command Team Seminar
U.S. Army War College Spouse Battle Book Publication
U.S. Army War College It Takes a Team ( A Resource for the Company Commander's Spouse/ Representative)
U.S. Army War College Red Phase Blue Phase A Guide for the Training Battalion Commander's Spouse/Representative

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