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Fri Sep 18, 2020
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How should Family Readiness Group members relate to each other's rank or position in the unit?  
There is "no rank" among Family Readiness Group (FRG) members. Although the FRG is an official organization, its purpose is to provide a conduit for mutual support and assistance, a network of communication among members, the chain of command, and community resources. The unit commander may be senior in rank to the Soldiers in the FRG and serve in his official capacity at times during FRG meetings. However, he/she is an FRG member equal in status to all the other members of the FRG. He/she and the FRG leader should foster a climate of equality and respect for all FRG members. Membership in the FRG is equal, regardless of one’s rank, gender, marital status, age, race, or religion. This is fundamental to the success of Family Readiness Groups.
Keywords: Leadership, group dynamics, FRG

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Army Community Service The Army Family Readiness Group Leader's Handbook Publication
Army Community Service Operation R.E.A.D.Y. Handbook Publication
U.S. Army War College It Takes a Team ( A Resource for the Company Commander's Spouse/ Representative)
U.S. Army War College Red Phase Blue Phase A Guide for the Training Battalion Commander's Spouse/Representative
U.S. Army War College Spouse Battle Book Publication

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