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Fri Sep 18, 2020
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How are vacation days determined for full-time and part-time employees (military and civilian)?  
Military personnel accrue 2.5 days of annual leave (paid vacation) each month of service (or 30 days/year). Up to 60 days of unused leave from one year can be carried over to the following year. However, on the first day of the fiscal year (October 1st), any excess leave above 60 days is forfeited. There are some exceptions to these rules such as the ability to carry over more than 60 days of leave (e.g., up to 90 days) if the service member was unable to take leave due to an assignment in a hazardous duty zone. Accrual of annual leave for Department of the Army (DA) Civilian employees is computed based on total number of years of years of creditable Federal service including active duty military time: < 3 yrs of Federal service = 4 hours per pay period (13 days per year); 3 - 15 years of Federal service = 6 hours per pay period (20 days per year); 15 or more years of Federal service = 8 hours per pay period (26 days per year). Generally, a maximum of 240 hours may be carried over to the next leave year; however, exceptions exist.
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