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Fri Sep 18, 2020
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Portable Careers

Portable Careers

Category Questions  
Is a Home-Based Business the Choice for You?
What Kind of Business is Best for You?

Category Questions  
Is a Home-Based Business the Choice for You?

A home-based business could be just what you are looking for. Working from your home is well-suited to the military life style. It can provide flexibility, independence and, when the orders come, portability. The new guidance greatly reduces the obstacles to running your home-based business while living in military housing. Asking yourself some questions will help you to decide if a home-based business is a good choice for you.

Some questions to think about are:

  • Am I self-starter?

  • Can I make decisions?

  • Can I take responsibility and follow through?

  • Am I a good organizer?

  • Am I a good worker?

  • Can I get along with most people?

  • Can I separate my home and work environments?

What Kind of Business is Best for You?

Home-based business can be anything from childcare to word processing. There are excellent resources available to answer all of your questions from how to get started paying taxes; but, before you get the right answers you have to ask the right questions.

Some questions to consider are:

  • What are your goals: money, personal satisfaction, experience, contact with other people, fun, or availability to your family?

  • What are your special talents and abilities?

  • Do you want to sell your own product or service, or someone else's?

  • How much demand is there for your product or service?

  • What can your afford to invest?

  • How much time can you give to your business without compromising the quality of your family life?

  • What are you permitted to do within your installation's regulations and local zoning and licensing requirements?

  • How much space is available to make your product or provide your service?

  • How will you advertise and sell your product or service?

  • How portable is your business?

Some of these questions only you can answer, while some can be answered only by your installation and local government agencies.

Once you have decided on your home-based business, the next step is to contact your installation's commanding officer or housing office for assistance in complying with the Service's regulations and the specific requirements of your installation.

Your installation's legal assistance office is a good source of general information, especially about liability and taxes. Legal assistance officers, however, are not authorized to provide specific detailed assistance for private commercial enterprises.

To find out what your state and local requirements are, look in the blue pages of your telephone book for state, city and county headings. There will be listings for business licenses, taxes and zoning offices.

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