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Thu Apr 24, 2014
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iWATCH Army -- "See Something, Say Something"

What is the iWATCH Program


The Department of the Army’s Office of the Provost Marshal General, in conjunction with the Deputy Chief of Staff G-3/5/7, approved a new Army anti-terrorism awareness program. The purpose of the program is to focus and encourage Army-wide community awareness and out-reach efforts to address important topics related to protecting our communities from terrorist acts.

The program includes materials and resources focused specifically on “Family Awareness.” Products to support family awareness include posters and pocket cards depicting indicators of potential terrorist activity as well as information on how to report suspicious activity.

Program materials available include informational papers for use by family readiness groups and military family members to reinforce personal safety, security, and prevention of terrorist acts.

Training and education resources include briefings on individual awareness, as well as videos and public service announcements highlighting antiterrorism awareness and security.

Information and products to assist the local installations and units to conduct Family Awareness out-reach is available on this page and to unit AT Officers on Army Knowledge Online.

Insider Threats in the Workplace Resources

The below products are related to Workplace Violence/High Risk Behavior, Insider Threat, and AT in Contracting. Please review as they may be appropriate for use in your AT Awareness Program.


**For individuals with access to Army Knowledge Online (AKO), there may be additional products available on the OPMG Army AT Enterprise Portal (ATEP) on AKO ( Recommend you go to ATEP on AKO and review the available tools/products and identify which may be appropriate for use in your AT Awareness Program.

Let's remain Vigilant!

Learn More about Anti-terrorism and the iWatch Program. Major General David E. Quantock, CID Commanding General speaks out about this program, Anti-Terrorism awareness, and remaining vigilant.


Watch Video

2013 Antiterrorism Awareness Message

August marks the Army's fourth annual observance of Antiterrorism Awareness Month. Please use the link below to access the Antiterrorism Awareness Message signed by the Sergeant Major of the Army, the United States Army Chief of Staff, and the Secretary of the Army.

iWATCH - It really works!

iWATCH Good News Story --

Proof that each of us can help. Remember: See Something, Say Something!

iWatch News Clip
Watch Video

iWatch News Clip - Closed Captioned
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Army Antiterrorism Videos

The Sergeant Major of the Army has released three Public Service Announcements (PSAs) regarding the Army Antiterrorism Campaign. Please feel free to download any of these and utilize in your own campaign efforts.

Army AT SMA PSA - Short Version
Watch Video

Army AT SMA PSA - Medium Version
Watch Video

Army AT SMA PSA - Long Version
Watch Video

iWATCH Posters

Anti-Terrorism is a major concern for our world. As part of the Army-wide community awareness and out-reach efforts, many posters have been created to help units, individuals, and community's to launch their own awareness campaign.

Review the posters below and determine which ones you want to download to kick off your own iWATCH Program.

Base Poster


Community Poster


School Poster


Commissary Poster-Female

Commissary Poster-Male

"Remember This"


"Picture This"


"Report Suspicious Activity"

"Watch This Standalone"


"Victory Over Terrorism"


"Build This"


"Look at This"


"Travel Awareness"

"Never Forget the 9/11 Attacks"

"Your Actions Can Save Lives"

4Q/FY13 Antiterrorism Awareness Theme:

"Social Media for Antiterrorism Awareness and Community Outreach"

The Army’s antiterrorism (AT) program protects personnel, information, property, and facilities in all locations and situations against terrorist activities. Leaders should instill Army-wide heightened awareness and vigilance to prevent and protect Army communities from acts of terrorism through a variety of mediums. Continued protection requires the eternal vigilance of every member of our Army Family and the successful integration of the Antiterrorism Principles: Assess, Detect, Warn, Defend, and Recover.

AT awareness and community outreach empower the entire Army (units, leaders, Soldiers, Department of the Army civilians, families, and contractors) to take prevention measures and encourage each individual to serve as a sensor—continuously aware of and reporting suspicious activity (iWATCH Army).

The below guide has been developed and will focus primarily on how commanders, supervisors, and their antiterrorism officers (ATOs) execute the principles of Detect and Warn through the use of social media while maintaining operational security.

2Q/FY13 Antiterrorism Awareness Theme:

"Cyber Threat Awareness" - The Army's Antiterrorism Theme

The cyber threat to our Army and our nation is pervasive. What is not widely known is that cyber threats most often target human behavior through social engineering using methods such as spear phishing. The best mitigation measure for these risks is to increase cyber threat awareness by educating the entire Army Community.

Fun and Downloadable Activities

Coloring Book Activity


Word Search Activity

We do not create terrorism by fighting the terrorists. We invite terrorism by ignoring them.

- President George W. Bush

Helpful Resources

CJCS Guide 5260

Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff - "A Self-Help Guide to Antiterrorism

Checklist for Planning AT Awareness Month

Thorough Checklist of items to consider when planning an Anti-terrorism Awareness Month.

Anti-Terrorism Awareness Survey

Template for creating a Terrorism Awareness Survey.

Individual Protective Measures GTA Card

Downloadable template to reproduce Protective Measures GTA Cards for individuals.

Individual Awareness Tips

Paper providing individual awareness tips and personal protection measures to help protect Soldiers, DA civilians, and their family members from potential terrorist acts.

Information Papers

Provide key information and additional resources to Parents, FRGs, and Teens to help protect themselves from potential terrorist acts.

Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Own iWATCH Webpage

Interested in setting up your own iWATCH Webpage, this document will walk you through each step.

Publicizing Anti-Terrorism Awareness

Want to get the word out on Anti-terrorism awareness? View these helpful tips.

Anti-Terrorism Proclamation (Sample)

Template for creating your own Proclamation statement.