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Sat May 26, 2018
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2004 Very Important Patriot Award - Angela Jourdain

2004 VIP Award - Angela Jourdain

Angela Jourdain - VIP Award Recipient

Fort Hood, TX

Angela Jourdain, Army spouse, of Fort Hood, Texas, has been selected as one of five recipients of the Very Important Patriot Award for 2004. Each of the five VIP recipients and a companion will be flown to Washington, DC, in November of 2004. During their stay in the Nation's Capital they receive their cash award of $1000, meet with senior leaders of their individual services, visit with their elected representatives on Capitol Hill, and meet the generous sponsors of the VIP Program.

The Very Important Patriot (VIP) Program, administered by the National Military Family Association, recognizes exceptional volunteers worldwide, who are chosen for their outstanding service, which contributes to improving the quality of life in their military and neighboring communities. Active duty, reserve component, and retired military members of the seven uniformed services and their family members and survivors are eligible to receive the awards.

Angela Jourdain has made an enormous positive impact on Fort Hood and the surrounding communities. A mother of three small children, she effectively balances the demands of parenting, volunteer service, spiritual service, and an unwavering devotion to the deployed soldiers of Task Force 2-8 Infantry.

During the past 12 months, Angela has donated an amazing 2,340 hours of volunteer service to the Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC) at Fort Hood. As PWOC President, she was responsible for directing and overseeing 14 committee chair activities to provide weekly Bible studies from women, childcare, fellowship, special programs, music, and opportunities to enrich our community.

Angela's contributions to the PWOC go above and beyond what we could ever explain. Below are a few highlights so you can better understand the type of volunteer Angela is. She coordinated shopping dates and times with Chaplain credit card holders for over 50 purchases and personally shopped for PWOC materials and supplies 30 times; she oversees spending of a $58,000 projected budget; she attends monthly Ministry Service Council meetings with the Garrison Chaplain; she oversaw the coordination of CDC provided childcare and home school supervision for an average of 60 children weekly; she advised in the selection and purchase of 30 different Bible studies for 4 teaching sessions of 90 PWOC members; and she interviewed with local Christian TV station to publicize what PWOC provides for the Fort Hood community.

Angela also supported the Old Post Chapel Ministry Team by planning and implementing a new program for Children's Church; providing materials and guidance for weekly volunteers to teach; requesting funds and purchasing materials for the programs; weekly preparing snacks and setting up for Children's Church; and teaching classes herself.

She has reached out to other programs and causes, as well. As the Family Readiness Group Leader for the S-3 Section, she has been a critical link in the spouse support network. Her boundless energy and willingness to assist others has been infectious. Her positive attitude and eagerness to lend a hand was especially critical when the unit received orders to deploy to Iraq in January 2003. Over the course of a long and difficult deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the spouses have bonded together as a tight-knit family. She is a critical member of that family.

Angela holds monthly social and informative functions for the wives, building cohesion and ensuring the timely sharing of information. Always willing to volunteer, she directs much of her time and energy into the well being of the battalion and its families. Possibly her biggest contribution, however, has been her in invaluable assistance in determining the needs of the wives. She has her fingers to the pulse of the battalion and assists wherever she can to find solutions to those needs.

Angela Jourdain has been a gift to the soldiers and families of the Fort Hood community. Her energy and commitment to others are boundless. She is a true patriot and tireless supporter of the community and the families of our soldiers deployed into harm's way. Her phenomenal volunteer service stands as an inspiring example and with great pride NMFA names Angela Jourdain as a Very Important Patriot.