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Wed Apr 25, 2018
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2004 VIP Award of Honor - Evelyn Majauskas

2004 VIP Award of Honor - Evelyn Majauskas

Evelyn Majauskas - VIP Award Recipient

The Greater Washington DC Area

Evelyn Majauskas has been named one of five Very Important Patriot Award of Honor recipients for 2004. Cash awards of $500 are mailed to the nominating agency for presentation to the Award of Honor recipients.

The VIP Program recognizes fifteen exceptional volunteers worldwide. Five Very Important Patriot, five Award of Honor, and five Award of Merit recipients are chosen for their outstanding service, which contributes to improving the quality of life in their military and neighboring communities. Active duty, guard, reserve, and retired members of the seven uniformed services and their family members and survivors are eligible to receive the awards.

Evelyn Majuskas is no stranger to volunteerism. As the daughter of a WWII Veteran, the wife of a retired soldier, and the mother of two children currently deployed, she has unselfishly taken every available opportunity to serve military families. Remarkably as she supports her deployed children, she is actively involved in numerous family programs at local, Major Command and Department of the Army levels. As an Arlington Lady, Evelyn demonstrates sincere care and compassion. Every day there are between 15-20 burials at Arlington National Cemetery. Evelyn works one to two, eight-hour days a month and attends anywhere from five to ten funerals each month. She has stood beside grieving family members of past conflicts as well as the current Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, offering comfort and ensuring that no one is alone during this difficult time. After the national flag is presented to the family, she presents them with an envelope containing a card from the Chief of Staff of the Army expressing his condolences.

Evelyn volunteered over 1,500 hours at the Department of Defense Pentagon Family Assistance Center (PFAC) Operations Center in Crystal City, VA following the Pentagon attack of September 11, 2001. The focus of the PFAC was to offer assistance and resources to families of the victims of the Pentagon attack. In this capacity, she answered phones and interviewed individuals wanting to volunteer at the PFAC. Evelyn's extensive knowledge of the military structure and available resources, coupled with her deep compassion for others, and management abilities, assured that individuals never felt alone or ignored. Evelyn directly and positively impacted military members, families, and those in need by treating them with respect, human compassion, and understanding. She provided factual and timely information to families and each case was handled discreetly, better enabling those families to cope with the national and personal crisis the attack caused.

In her capacity as an Army Family Team Building (AFTB) volunteer, she contributed over 2,500 hours this past year alone. She brings professionalism and energy to the office and classroom. She serves as an Advisor, Mentor, Lead Volunteer, Master Trainer, Lead Instructor, and AFTB Core Instructor. In her various roles, she conducts monthly Team Meetings and provides professional development training for approximately 30 local volunteers each quarter. As a Core Instructor she travels several times each year to teach at Department of the Army sponsored conferences training between 40-60 students. Evelyn's innovative thinking enables her to serve on various Departments of the Army committees writing curriculum.

She served as editor of the United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) newsletter. She spurred the use of AFTB courses at the USAREC Delayed Entry Program as a way to educate entry-level families about their new Army life. Her efforts impacted thousands of entry-level soldiers and continue to impact families by preparing them with a realistic education about the military lifestyle. She served as the Lead Volunteer for USAREC and with the Family Readiness Groups where she was responsible for conducting video teleconferences between Brigades and Battalions of USAREC and family members. Evelyn has also assisted with American Red Cross Special Events, such as "Spring Fest" and fundraisers by providing refreshments and assisting with event planning.

Evelyn has contributed over 1,000 hours to Army Family Action Program this past year. This multi-talented volunteer has worked successfully in the capacity of facilitator, recorder, transcriber and issue support at numerous military installations, Major Commands and Headquarters Department of the Army conferences. She is adept at guiding discussions, involving each group member and producing realistic results. Issues she has been instrumental in bringing to Army Senior leadership include: Transferability of GI Benefits to Family Members, Transfer of High School Credits, and In-State tuition. Her attributes and contributions have helped improve standards of living at every level of the Army.

Evelyn gives tremendously of herself and expects nothing in return. Her professionalism and deep compassion for military families is evident through all the lives she has touched. She continually looks for ways she can enhance family programs, mentor and train volunteers, and foster dignity among military families. She exemplifies the highest standards of the American military volunteer, and NMFA is proud to name Evelyn Majuskas a Very Important Patriot Award of Honor Recipient for 2004.