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Wed May 23, 2018
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1998 VIP Award of Merit - Laurie Batule

1998 VIP Award of Merit - Laurie Batule

Laurie Batule - Fort Campbell, KY

Very Important Patriot Award of Merit

Laurie Batule is one of Fort Campbell's most active volunteers. She is involved in several programs in key positions. The amount of time she devotes to our soldiers, their units, our community, and Fort Campbell is tremendous. In addition to all of her volunteer commitments Laurie is an Army wife and mother of three children, one of whom is a fourteen year old with cerebral palsy. He is confined to a wheel chair and has developmental delays. With cooperation, patience and a lot of love, the entire family helps meet his special needs, and every member of her family volunteers and participates at chapel, sports, school functions and other activities at Fort Campbell, KY. Laurie has contributed over 1000 hours this year to various activities within the Fort Campbell Community.

  1. Officers' Wives' Club President (400 hours to include the following projects)

    1. Responsible for and assisted in the renovation and relocation of the Officers' Wives' Club Crafty Eagle Gift Shop, resulting in vastly increased sales. Also responsible for and assisted with the Screaming Eagle Bagle Roundup, and OWC Craft Fair. Over $50,000 was raised from these activities and deposited in the welfare and scholarship fund.
    2. Was responsible for and volunteered during the recent renovation and relocation of the Officer' Wives'.

  2. YMCA Junior Enlisted Family Center

    1. Responsible for decorations and theme for the YMCA JEPC Ladies Golf Scramble, as well as participating in the actual event. This charity event raised over $5000 for the young soldiers and their families stationed here at Fort Campbell. (135 hours)
    2. Donated painting supplies and helped renovate and decorate the Ladies Locker room prior to the golf scramble. (12 hours)

  3. Fort Campbell Swimming Eagles Swim Team

    1. Volunteered for various fund raisers to include hot dog sales, bake sales, and candy bar sales to raise money for the program. (80 hours)
    2. Drove swim team members 32 miles round trip two times per week to an alternate indoor swimming pool while the Fort Campbell indoor pool was undergoing renovation. (100 hours)

  4. Div Arty Family Support Group

    1. Suggested, planned and organized a hot dog sale that raised $430 to aid with medical traveling expenses incurred by a Div Arty family member who was battling terminal cancer. Helped organize and contributed to meals and emotional support for this wife in the final stages of her illness.
    2. Served as hospitality chairperson welcoming wives to HHB Div Arty senior spouses group

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