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Thu Apr 26, 2018
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The Emma Marie Baird Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service - Eligibility

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Eligibility will be determined by the following:

  1. Volunteered in an Army Community Service (ACS) center at an installation/garrison and/or Joint Base Family Center in support of Army Family Programs.
  2. Nomination covers a minimum of 3,750 volunteer hours over a 5 year period
  3. Nomination covers a minimum period of one year of service within the center submitting the nomination.
  4. Nominee demonstrated a high degree of initiative and originality which resulted in tangible and/or intangible benefits to the agency and/or community.
  5. Nominee exhibited leadership in performing assigned duties that resulted in improved productivity, or new or improved work methods, programs and/or services.
  6. Nominee provided outstanding leadership in planning, organizing, or directing a major program of importance or complexity.
  7. Nominee established a pattern of excellence and achievement by receiving recognition for contributions made to other military and civilian community organizations
  8. Nominee must have the endorsement of Installation commander or equivalent.

NOTE: Long periods of service do not, of themselves, constitute sufficient basis for conferring this award.