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Wed Apr 25, 2018
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2005-Kelly Gemin

Mrs. Kelly L Gemin

2005 Emma Marie Baird Award
For Outstanding Volunteer Service in ACS
Kelly L Gemin
221st Base Support Battalion, Europe

 Mrs. Gemin volunteered with the "Team 221" Army Community Service (ACS) for a little over three years.  However, she volunteered at ACS spanning three continents, contributing over 5,500 volunteer hours over the past five years.  Mrs. Gemin made significant contributions at each facility.

She became a Department of the Army Certified AFTB Master Trainer in 1999 and exceeded her year long contract by remaining actively involved with AFTB.  She currently serves as the AFTB Volunteer Program Manager.  Prior to taking on this position Mrs. Gemin served as the Volunteer Office Manager.  As the Office Manager, Mrs. Gemin served as the principal clerical and administrative support for the program.  She was instrumental in setting up the initial files for the program to ensure AFTB passed accreditation.  She received and distributed incoming correspondence to ensure that timely and appropriate action was taken. 

Although Mrs. Gemin took a full time job in 2003, she continued her work as a volunteer preparing reports and briefings and conducting training.  Mrs. Gemin also took time off from work to attend relevant AFTB Trainings sponsored both locally and through Department of the Army.  She developed and coordinated the implementation of AFTB program initiatives, goals and objectives.  Mrs. Gemin provided guidance to key volunteers and effectively utilized the volunteer corps in support of AFTB.  She developed class schedules; set schedules for AFTB volunteer training by providing an annual training calendar; recruited both AFTB attendees and instructors as well as conducting regular staff meetings with all AFTB instructors.  She coordinated annual volunteer awards and recognition ceremonies in addition to preparing letters of recommendation and appropriate awards for departing volunteers.  Mrs. Gemin supported the professional goals and ethics of the AFTB program.

For the past eighteen months, Mrs. Gemin commuted from Hanau to volunteer in the "Team 221" community… that is dedication, especially when she is volunteering an average of 25 hours a week. Throughout her service at ACS she exemplified the true spirit of volunteerism. Mrs. Gemin is diligent and energetic. She is determined to conquer any task placed before her. She gives freely of her time and goes beyond to ensure a task is complete. In essence, Mrs. Gemin is the ideal volunteer, always there lending a hand whenever needed.



Mrs. Gemin has a multitude of agencies with whom she volunteers. She currently is a member of both the Weisbaden and Hanau Spouse's Boards. In Hanau, Mrs. Gemin is the Special Activities Chairperson. She also serves as a member of the National Military Family Association where she gives roughly 10-15 volunteer hours per month. This is a role that she assumed in 1999 and has continued through the present time. In addition, she sits on the Department of Defense Education Activity Board for Europe as the National Military Family Association Representative which requires approximately 30 hours annually. However, her volunteer service does not stop there. Mrs. Gemin has assumed the leadership role for her Family Readiness Group since December 2003 She is currently FRG leader however, she ahs served in various capacities such as secretary, fundraising chairperson and treasurer. Mrs. Gemin has just recently returned from sitting on the Commander's Panel for her FRG in Vii seck in addition to working with Operation Ready Rewrite at US Army Community and Family Support Center. Mrs. Gemin is a well rounded and extremely dedicated volunteer, who so graciously gives her time to numerous volunteer agencies.



For outstanding volunteer contributions to Army Community Service from 2001 to the present while serving as the Army Family Team Building Volunteer Program Manager at 22l8t Base Support Battaliion Wiesbaden, Germany. During Mrs. Gemin's tenure she has contributed over 5,500 hours of service at ACS's spanning 3 continents. Her commitment, diligence and unwavering standards of excellence are to be commended. She is the sheer definition of volunteer ism. Mrs. Gemin's extraordinary dedication and sustained service are consistent with the qualities of Lieutenant Colonel Emma Marie Baird and reflect great credit on her, Army Community Service and the United States Army.