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Wed Apr 25, 2018
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2001- Mrs. Carmen London, Fort Bragg, NC

Mrs. Carmen London

Emma Marie Baird Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service

2001- Mrs. Carmen London, Fort Bragg, NC

Mrs. Carmen London has served as a dedicated ACS Volunteer at Fort Bragg since March 1988, contributing more than 7,500 hours. Mrs. London is not only a familiar face in the ACS office, but one that customers can depend upon to provide accurate and current information from the reception area. Her courteous manner and exceptional knowledge of the installation and local community are key in making customers feel comfortable and welcome. She is truly one of the "pillars" of the organization because of her dependability, flexibility, and willingness to go above and beyond the call whenever and wherever there is a need. Although her primary responsibility is the reception area, Carmen has given her time, talent, heart and soul to all aspects of the ACS program. This includes special events such as the ACS Birthday Celebrations, Annual Installation Volunteer Recognition Ceremonies, Family Symposium, Spouse Orientation, Monthly Information Updates, AER Campaigns, Voting Assistance Program, etc.; special projects such as coupon files, holiday food baskets, and the SHARE Program; and providing critical information to families during crisis and major troop deployments in the 24-hour Family Assistance Center such as Desert Shield/Desert Storm and the Pope Air Force Base crash.

Mrs. London's most noted contribution and accomplishment has been the updating of the ACS publication known installation-wide as "the book you can't afford to be without," the Answers Unlimited. The process requires hundreds of hours of phone calls, faxes, e-mails, etc. to keep the information as current as possible. Approximately 25,000 copies are printed and distributed each year and serve as an invaluable resource to commanders, soldiers, and family members.

Mrs. London served as the Reception Committee Chairperson in April 1989 and served in that position for nearly 6 years. During that time, she worked directly with the ACS Volunteer Coordinator to train new volunteers at the front desk and to ensure they felt welcome in their new surroundings.

Carmen was appointed ACS Volunteer Coordinator in 1997 and has worked diligently to recruit and train volunteers for all program areas. She ensures volunteers are properly registered, hours documented, and are recognized for the work they do. She is currently working with the Installation Volunteer Coordinator to restructure the recognition and awards program for ACS volunteers, and is a valuable member of the Installation Volunteer Advisory Council. Her outstanding record-keeping and organizational skills will be critical during the upcoming ACS Volunteer Program accreditation process.

Mrs. London served the past ten years in various roles (delegate, recorder, runner) for the local AFAP process, attended the FORSCOM event as a recorder in 1998 and a delegate in 2000, and was a DA-level delegate in 1990. Her contact with installation staff, soldiers, and family members on a day to day basis as an ACS volunteer undoubtedly played a key role in her selection to represent Fort Bragg at these events.

Although all ACS volunteers play a key role in the overall success of ACS programs, Mrs. London is truly "one in a million." Few volunteers remain loyal to one organization for many years and at times, they may seem to be taken for granted. The Fort Bragg ACS staff proudly resounds last year's theme for National Volunteer Week, "Celebrate Volunteers" by celebrating one of our own.