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Thu May 24, 2018
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2001 - Mr. John D. (Jack) Barnard, Fort Sam Houston, TX

Mr. John D. (Jack) Barnard

Emma Marie Baird Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service

2001 - Mr. John D. (Jack) Barnard, Fort Sam Houston, TX

Mr. John D. (Jack) Barnard served as an Army Community Service volunteer at Fort Sam Houston from 1992 through 2000 contributing a total of 4,411 hours of service. As an Information and Referral volunteer, Mr. Barnard works at the Information Desk first visited by clients as they enter the Army Community Service building. He is often the first impression one receives when visiting Army Community Service and Fort Sam Houston. Mr. Barnard is committed to ensuring that clients feel welcome and are given the best possible customer service. He updates data maintained at the Information Desk on a regular basis. His vast knowledge of the military, Fort Sam Houston, and San Antonio, and his willingness to give of his time and talent, establishes a standard of excellence for all to follow.

Over the past eight years, Mr. Barnard rendered assistance to countless soldiers and their family members. Mr. Barnard has been instrumental in assisting staff at all levels throughout command in setting up a Family Assistance Center in the Army Community Service building for crisis aid due to hurricanes, fires, chemical spills, and the 82d Airborne Division tragedy on Green Ramp. He worked tirelessly; doubling his routine volunteer hours to ensure the Center ran smoothly meeting the needs of the family members and those staffing the center.

Mr. Barnard is always available at a moment's notice to assist the Army Community Service staff with special events and projects. He served on an ACS team that developed a strategic plan to meet new accreditation requirements. He consistently supports volunteer training and recognition events.

Mr. Barnard is a service-minded individual who is committed to teaching, guiding, and supporting those around him. He proudly shares his knowledge gained over the years through his own experiences as an active duty soldier and working with Army Community Service. Mr. Barnard comes into contact with individuals younger and less experienced than himself; to these people, he is a confidante, role model, and friend. Many of these individuals will go onto leadership positions themselves, so his positive influence will reach beyond those he personally touches.

Mr. Barnard's pride and enthusiasm for the services provided by Army Community Service to the military community brings great credit to the programs, staff, and volunteers. His sincere concern for soldiers and their family members has been demonstrated over eight years with consistent and continuous volunteer service. Jack Barnard's unselfish commitment to Army Community Service truly promotes the spirit of the Army Family and sets an example of excellence for all to follow.