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Thu Apr 26, 2018
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1998 – Marianne Blythe, Fort Lee, VA

Mrs. Marianne Blythe


Emma Marie Baird Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service

1998 – Marianne Blythe, Fort Lee, VA

Mrs. Marianne Blythe was nominated by the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command for her service in many ACS programs at Fort Lee. Since 1965, she contributed over 23,000 hours of volunteer service. She began volunteering at ACS at its inception and was instrumental in its development at Fort Lee.

During her tenure, Mrs. Blythe has worked in almost every area of ACS to include serving as the Volunteer Supervisor, Assistant Supervisor, Historian, and chairperson of the following committees: publicity, mother's assistance, records, intake, and lending closet. Her planning ability in conjunction with her organizational and leadership skills contributed to the effective functioning of these committees.

As the ACS Historian, she compiled comprehensive and professional books tracing the ACS story through articles, pictures, and programs. Her hard work and dedication provided ACS staff and volunteers the opportunity to look back at ACS history through articles, pictures and programs.

Mrs. Blythe demonstrated excellent planning ability and organizational skills while volunteering at ACS. She planned, organized and executed workshops, training, and newcomer's welcome coffees.

Mrs. Blythe truly believes in self-help and service, always eager to accept any duty no matter how large or small. Although Mrs. Blythe is only one member of a very dedicated professional volunteer corps, she stands out as the epitome of what ACS is "Self-Help, Service and Stability."

Mrs. Blythe not only volunteered in ACS, she contributed to other volunteer agencies. She is instrumental in the operation of the Volunteer Tax Assistant Program, the Fort Lee Officers’ and Covilians’ Spouses Club, and the Thrift Shop.