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Sat Apr 21, 2018
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1995 - Ms. Linda Payne, Fort Benning, GA

Ms. Linda Payne

Emma Marie Baird Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service

1995 - Ms. Linda Payne, Fort Benning, GA

Linda Payne Ms. Linda Payne donated over 3,800 of hours of service to the Fort Benning Army Community Service while working as the ACS Volunteer Supervisor, the Acting Installation Volunteer Coordinator, a member of a family unit network, and Income Tax Specialist preparing tax returns for soldiers and their families.

Ms. Linda Payne served as the Army Community Service Volunteer Supervisor at Fort Benning, GA since September 1992. During this period, she trained over 70 volunteers to perform duties as receptionist, automation clerk, financial counselor, and perform reviews of Army Emergency Relief loan applications. One of her major contributions to Army Community Service was organizing the volunteer staff to support the Family Assistance Center, in support of the 75th Ranger Regiment's participation in Operation Restore Hope in Somalia. The enthusiasm she demonstrated in accepting this task and the methods used to select and brief/train volunteer staff members were outstanding. She received formal recognition for her efforts by being presented a gold commemorative coin by the Army Chief of Staff, General Sullivan.


During July 1993, Ms. Payne stepped forward to assume the duties of the Installation Volunteer Coordinator. Due to her organizational ability, personality, and professional approach to all responsibilities, she made this a vibrant program.

Ms. Payne's efforts in the 3d Battalion, 32d Infantry and Infantry Training Brigade's Family Unit Networks have been formerly recognized at a quarterly Army Community of Excellence awards ceremony.

In December 1992, Ms. Payne became involved in a project being initiated by the Consumer Affairs and Financial Assistance Program involving volunteer income tax assistance (VITA) for soldiers and family members. The project is a joint venture with the Staff Judge Advocate and Army Community Service. During the 1993 income tax season, 5,539 soldiers and family members used the services provided by VITA; in 1994, over 3,300 individuals have used this service to date.

Due to Ms. Payne's sincere concern and dedication to soldiers and family members, she volunteered to become a Master Trainer in the Army Family Team Building Program which is scheduled to began in Oct 94. She enthusiastically attended the Army Family Team Building Program Training, conducted at Department of the Army level, during the period 11 - 15 Jul 94..

Ms. Payne is a dedicated military spouse who has made a firm commitment to providing service to the community, the soldier, and his family members. She has kept a diversified, talented group of volunteers and professional staff focused on providing services to the soldier, which impacts on the quality of life issues.