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Wed May 23, 2018
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1995 - Mrs. Johanna Erven, Fort Lewis, WA

Mrs. Johanna Erven

Emma Marie Baird Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service

1995 - Mrs. Johanna Erven, Fort Lewis, WA

Johanna Erven In 1974, Mrs. Johanna Erven started her volunteer career at Fort McClellan, Alabama as the Loan Closet Chairperson. Her husband said, " Instead of sitting around the house, why don't you some volunteer work?" Mrs. Erven decided to volunteer, stay with it, and to volunteer as long as she was able. In addition to the many tasks she took on, Mrs. Erven still found time to help with the handicapped children, knitted items for the Baby Bundles program and worked on the Army Community Service (ACS) bulletin. After 16 months of volunteer service at Fort McClellan, Alabama, Mrs. Erven received a Certificate of Appreciation for 550 hours of volunteer service.

In 1978, Mrs. Johanna Erven continued her volunteer service in Germany. During her four year stay, Mrs. Erven started the NCO Wives Club. She contributed her time and talents toward improving the Landstuhl ACS Program. She worked with the Relocation Committee and Loan Closet Committee. She was involved in the production of the ACS monthly newsletter, the Bismarck Beacon, an official publication prepared by the volunteers of ACS with the purpose of keeping members of the military community informed of events and changes in services provided by post agencies. The Bismarck Beacon was distributed the first Wednesday of every month and Mrs. Erven was one of the reporters for this publication.

BG David E. Watts stated, "Mrs. Erven is dependable and has a willingness to deal with any task, no matter how small. Her commitment to ACS has always been exceptional." Due to the exceptional dedication to volunteer work, Mrs. Erven was chosen as Volunteer of the Year.

In 1980, Mrs. Erven volunteered at ACS at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, where she worked in the Relocation Office preparing welcome packets. She also worked in the Welcome Center helping soldiers and their families, and in the Loan Closet issuing household utensils and goods as needed. During her four year stay, Mrs. Erven worked with a program called Sugar Plum, a Toys for Tots program.

In 1984, Mrs. Erven and her husband moved to Fort Rucker, Alabama. She was in charge of the Loan Closet and supervised staff personnel and other volunteers. Her duties as Head of the Loan Closet included preparing reports, filing, computer input and various other tasks. Her experience in this position demonstrates her leadership abilities.

In May 1985, Mrs. Erven and her husband moved to Fort Lewis, Washington, where she worked with Relocation, the Welcome Center, and Loan Closet/Food Locker. She also volunteered with the Special Olympics from 1986 through 1989. In 1990, Mrs. Erven was recognized for 18 years of dedicated volunteer service at an ACS Annual Volunteer Awards Ceremony. In 1994, she was given special recognition for 22 years of volunteer service. She was awarded the I Corps Commander's Coin and Commander's Excellence Achievement Award. Mrs. Erven continues to volunteer her services to the Loan Closet/Food Locker