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Mon Apr 23, 2018
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1994 – Mrs. Joyce Figgins, Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Mrs. Joyce Figgins

Emma Marie Baird Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service

1994 – Mrs. Joyce Figgins, Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Mrs. Joyce Figgins served Fort Campbell in leadership roles as an Army Community Service (ACS) volunteer from June 1988 through December 1993. During this time period she donated 3,794 hours to the ACS Community Life Program.

In June 1988 Mrs. Figgins began her ACS work as a mayor for Pierce Village Housing Area. She was enthusiastic about the new community life program, which gave housing area residents a voice in their community through a network of volunteer mayors and vice-mayors. Through her efforts, key issues which concerned residents of Pierce Village were brought to the attention of the chain-of-command and solved. Mrs. Figgins organized many community activities for her area in order to encourage neighborhood residents to meet one another and become involved with the community. Additionally, she ensured that residents were kept informed of issues an upcoming events through neighborhood town hall meetings and newsletters. As the first mayor of Pierce Village, Mrs. Figgins set a shining example for future mayors to emulate.

In 1990 Mrs. Figgins’ husband retired from active duty and the family moved off-post. Still committed to improving the quality of life for Fort Campbell soldiers and families, Mrs. Figgins created a new program for teenagers under the auspices of the ACS community life program called "Teen Expo". Teen Expo is a program designed for 13-18 years old committed to teaching teens that volunteering is a fun and invaluable part of life. Teens work to complete various community projects needing a helping hand in areas such as picking up trash around post, preparing ACS welcome packets, painting the ACS outreach building and maintaining playgrounds within the housing area. Mrs. Figgins has a way of making even "boring" projects fun by turning up the music and teasing and laughing with the youth. Under her guidance and leadership, Fort Campbell teens joined together as a team to help the community had have fun while doing so. The program is not all work. The teens participate in field trips, fashion shows and a variety of self-esteem building activities. Mrs. Figgins firmly believes that volunteering and giving to others instills values that can only be learned first hand. The pride of Mrs. Figgins in "her" teens is mirrored in the pride in the eyes of teens as they complete community projects.

During 1988, Mrs. Figgins noticed the need for a program for senior citizens associated with Fort Campbell such as retirees and dependents of active duty military. Since Mrs. Figgins is a "can-do" type person who is not one to stand by when someone is in need, she then initiated a program for Fort Campbell senior citizens with monthly fun filled meetings and a monthly "Seniors’ Day Out". The purpose of this group is to encourage seniors to get out of the house and meet others to have fun. Through her efforts, Fort Campbell senior citizens residing both on and off post gained a new outlet, which greatly improved their quality of life.

Mrs. Figgins is an extraordinary individual who truly cares about people. In all her ACS volunteer roles, she assumed influential leadership positions, which greatly affected the lives of the people in her community. Her positive outlook on life and genuine concern for others mad Mrs. Figgins an enormous asset not only of ACS but of the Fort Campbell community. Her leadership, creativity, quick smile and tremendous work ethic make Mrs. Joyce Figgins highly deserving of the Emma Marie Baird Award.