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Sun May 27, 2018
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1991 – Mr. Alfred W. Jelinski, Fort Stewart, GA

Mr. Alfred W. Jelinski

Emma Marie Baird Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service

1991 – Mr. Alfred W. Jelinski, Fort Stewart, GA

Mr. Jelinski donated more than 10,215 hours to Army Community Service during the past seventeen years. He is an extremely dedicated, reliable and conscientious volunteer. He is also an outstanding role model for new volunteers, and is well respected by everyone on the Army community Service Team.

He takes the initiative and coordinates with various agencies and personnel on post for a successful English and a Second Language/Citizenship Program. Mr. Jelinski serves as Chairperson and responsible for planning, organizing and directing this program which is extremely important in the community due to the large numbers of foreign born soldiers and family members. The variety of countries, languages and lack of English language skills makes for a highly complex program, which he handles with ease. He coordinates with Diamond Elementary School for classroom space and using ACS volunteer instructors who he recruits and places with students in the most advantageous level. He is in charge of testing students and placing them in the most appropriate level according to their knowledge and command of the English language. He offers four levels of instruction twice a year. As an instructor of citizenship classes, Mr. Jelinski uses originality to ensure interesting classes; Mr. Jelinski uses originality to ensure interesting classes that will hold the student’s interest. He cares about the students’ abilities to pass the examinations given by the Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service personnel. He has alleviated stress for thousands of foreign born soldiers and their family members. Classes are held in the evenings and require an extensive time commitment with very little flexibility once the schedule has been established. His originality is evident during the graduation ceremony he develops. Each student who successfully completes the course receives a certificate prepared by Mr. Jelinski. He personally presents the certificate to the students and makes the presentation in a personable manner.

Emergency transportation is one of the most important services, which can be provided during times of stress, and Mr. Jelinski is always available with a helping hand to provide assistance. He is on call twenty-four hours a day and transports clients who are unable to afford their own means of transportation or, most importantly, because in an emergency the need for a caring person to assist is critical. He has been called up to assist in early mornings, late at night, on the weekends and holidays and he has always responded in a positive and helpful manner. His constant concern for others is evident in his immediate and sincere reaction to emergencies, which seldom happen at "convenient times."

Mr. Jelinski plays a major role in diminishing stress for relocating soldiers and family members by providing critical information for a smoother move. Providing accurate information to incoming personnel is important to a smooth transition into the new community. Mr. Jelinski ensures that our Welcome Packets contain the most current information. He also writes to other installations to request up-dated information to ensure the World-Wide Files are up-to-date. Mr. Jelinski demonstrated leadership and initiative by developing and implementing his own unique control roster which keeps records of what (1) has been ordered, (2) needs to be ordered, and (3) needs to be mailed to individuals. This method of keeping records resulted in improved productivity and work methods by making it easier for staff members and other volunteers to check and answer clients’ questions about their packets thus improving our services. Mr. Jelinski’s leadership traits are evident as he trains and supervises volunteers who serve on the committee. He plays a critical role in the Army Community Service Relocation Program, which increases in emphasis and importance with each passing year.

Mr. Jelinski is consistent, reliable, and a tremendous asset to the Fort Stewart community, Army Community Service, and the United States Army. He is patient, caring, and dedicated to making life better for others. Mr. Jelinski is our most valuable volunteer. Without his contributions, many critical services would be sadly hindered, if provided at all.