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Sat May 26, 2018
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1990 – Mrs. Kay Clark, Fort Dix, NJ

Mrs. Kay Clark

Emma Marie Baird Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service

1990 – Mrs. Kay Clark, Fort Dix, NJ

Mrs. Kay Clark has been an ACS volunteer for fourteen continuous years at Fort Dix and has contributed over 3,875 hour of outstanding work as a teacher in the ACS English as a Second Language Program. Mrs. Clark has adhered to a schedule of a minimum of two, two-hour classes a week, ten months a year. The number of foreign wives she has worked with is in the hundreds. At least half her students remain with her ESL program for an average of two years, progressing from beginner to intermediate classes, and many more enter her class for advanced students. As her students master the Laubach System Language workbooks, Mrs. Clark enlarges the scope of the training to include classes that center on every day language challenges to her students. Classroom work in visiting the doctor, shopping at the commissary and Post Exchange, visiting children’s’ teachers, etc. This classroom training is followed by field trips to stores and other facilities to reinforce training. At graduation time, students frequently celebrate by having lunch at a civilian restaurant, an experience they find particularly pleasant as a result of their newly learned language skills.

Over the years that Mrs. Clark has been active with ESL, the number of students has been so high at times that classes have been offered concurrently. As Chairperson of the ESL program, Mrs. Clark recruited volunteers to increase the teaching staff. As a Korean-born American, Mrs. Clark taught the classes for Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese students, and assigned students based on national origin to a teacher with an appropriate background such as Hispanic, German, etc. For several years, Mrs. Clark taught two classes a week, devoting four evenings each week to ACS as ESL Chairperson, Mrs. Clark is responsible for estimating the cost of the program for supplies and workbooks during budget preparation time. She also provides input for necessary purchase requests to obtain supplies.

As a very senior volunteer with a total commitment to Army Community Service, Mrs. Clark has always been supportive of other ACS needs. She is currently responsible for assembling packers with another volunteer in addition to her evening ESL classes., She can always be counted on to assist with ACS award ceremonies and luncheons, and over the years has offered advice and support to other volunteers regardless of the program.

This past year she was instrumental in supporting the Mu Gung Wa Society (Korean Wives Support Group) during its first year at Fort Dix. Without her perseverance and assistance this group would have never succeeded.

Mrs. Clark has always served as an ACS translator and has been invaluable during crisis intervention situations. She has worked with ACS and Social Work Services counselors when they needed translations either verbal or written, often answering an emergency call for help.

She is a compassionate and gentleperson who instinctively handles emergencies with great skill. During her years of service, Mrs. Clark has proudly worn the ACS volunteer uniform, earning each new change of uniform easily based on her many hours of service.

It is anticipated that as long as the need exists for ACS volunteers at Fort Dix, Kay Clark will serve. Her intelligence, personal warmth and competence makes her one of Fort Dix’s greatest human services resources. Mrs. Clark has received numerous local awards ranging from Volunteer of the Quarter to a High performance Medallion for being inducted into the Fort Dix Hall of Fame as a Charter Member in 1988. Mrs. Clark also earned a TRADOC Award in 1982. We are very proud of Kay Clark and all she has given to our community.