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Wed May 27, 2020
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Travel Documents

You receive these from either your Military Personnel Division (MPD) or your S-1 shop. When receiving your orders, review them to confirm accuracy of all information, i.e. Family names are listed, weight allowances listed, and location of new duty station.

Passports: Soldiers will travel with orders and Military ID Card when PCSing, including OCONUS. But if traveling with Family to an OCONUS area, all Family members will be required to have a "No Fee" passport.

This is a travel document that allows you and your Family entry into another country either for a visit or extended stay. This can be applied either prior to travel or after arrival into Host country.

Status of Forces Agreement, is defined as the legal status of U.S. personnel and property in the territory of another nation. The purpose of such an agreement is to set forth rights and responsibilities between the United States and the host government on such matters as criminal and civil jurisdiction, the wearing of the uniform, the carrying of arms, tax and customs relief, entry and exit of personnel and property, and resolving damage claims. This is an additional stamp submitted into a Family members Passport when stationed overseas for most countries that have U.S. Military personnel.

Valid U.S. Driver's License:
Make sure your current license is valid before traveling.

Visit Relocation Readiness for:

  • Information about Passports
  • VISA's
  • SOFA stamps

  • No Fee passport is for Government travel while a Tourist passport is for recreational travel.
  • There are several different types of VISA's available. Please be sure to find out which VISA or multiple VISA's you will need for a particular country.
  • Be sure to have a valid U.S. Driver's license before traveling to your new duty station.



Military OneSource provides an installation program directory that allows you to search for your local Relocation Assistance Program Office.

Click Here to access
the MOS Moving page and
utilize program directory.

*The directory is located on the right side halfway down the page.