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Sat Oct 10, 2015
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Whether you are flying or driving to your new destination, you'll need to know a few things while you travel:

Driving – Review your orders to ensure that you are authorized to travel by POV. Keep receipts just in case you need them for travel vouchers, tax returns, etc. Check with your finance office or ACS Relocation Readiness to determine the current mileage and per diem rates.

Flying – Do not purchase tickets on your own. Your transportation office will ticket you; otherwise you may not be reimbursed. When you receive your orders, verify that Family members are listed by name if required for ticketing. Before traveling, ensure that appropriate visas and passports are in hand; your family travel office at the losing installations can help.

What is a DITY move?

Visit Relocation Readiness for:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Referral Services
  • Additional Information
  • Resources


  • Tourist passports are not the same as official or "No Fee" passports.
  • Do It Yourself moves can cost more money than they are worth, if done improperly.
  • Per Diem is only authorized for official travel days, not leave days.



Military OneSource provides an installation program directory that allows you to search for your local Relocation Assistance Program Office.

Click the image below to take you to the MOS Moving page where you can utilize this program directory.

*You may need to scroll down on the page when it loads. The directory is located on the right side about 1/2 way down the page.