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Mon Sep 15, 2014
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National Financial Partners

Financial Focus Area- Army OneSource is enlisting the assistance of financial institutions and professional associations across the country to get the word out and connect Service Members and their Families with educational programs and other financial assistance they desperately need. Opportunities to participate include presentations to raise awareness of the needs and available programs and services, as well as resources to reach out directly to Service Members and their Families in the local community.

Financial difficulties of Service Members impact the ability of our Military Force to carry out its missions. These issues consume considerable amounts of time of Military leadership and negatively impact the morale and overall operational readiness of individual units. Financial issues also affect Family Members left behind at home who have to take on additional responsibilities, and sometimes added expenses such as child care or simple home or auto repairs, that were formerly taken care of by the Service Member. Income often fluctuates throughout the deployment cycle, particularly during deployments, making it difficult to maintain consistency in managing personal finances.

Army OneSource is proud to announce a community outreach effort to raise awareness of the unique financial challenges faced by our Service Members and their Families as a result of deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. This effort is in response to the rising national concern regarding the growing number of Service Members who are having difficulty managing their personal finances as a result of fulfilling their Military duties to our country.

Objective: To increase the use of financial readiness tools and to raise awareness of the financial challenges among Soldiers and Families during the deployment cycle

The plan of action: Promote financial readiness to Soldiers and Families. Promote financial awareness in communities.

Access the new financial readiness application, Money Matters, through your SmartPhone browser today and begin taking steps to save money, reduce debt and build wealth.

National Financial Partners
  • Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE): Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education…a non-profit, international, professional membership organization dedicated to improving personal financial management education, training, and certification of financial counselors, educators, and other related.


Better Business Bureau

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) Military Line® : The Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) Military Line is a national Financial Literacy and Consumer Education program located at the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) in Arlington, VA. Since 2004, BBB Military Line has provided free resources and support to our military communities online and through the efforts of 164 BBBs across the U.S. BBB Military Line is a partner in the DOD Financial Readiness Campaign and is a partner in the First Lady’s Joining Forces Initiative.


  • Center for Financial Certification (CFC):  The Center for Financial Certifications is the premiere certifying body for financial educators and counselors. Established in 2006, the Center promotes the effective delivery of consumer financial products, services and education through the professional certification of individuals providing these services. The Center’s programs are designed to be relevant to professionals as well as individuals who volunteer in their communities.


  • Together, McGraw-Hill and the Better Business Bureau's Military Line will develop and deliver financial literacy and consumer protection programs specifically geared toward addressing the unique needs of military families. The campaign builds on six years of BBB Military Line training initiatives and McGraw-Hill's longstanding commitment to financial literacy to provide a full complement of online and on-site financial resources including webinars, mobile applications, workshops and promotions to the military community. The McGraw-Hill/BBB effort will combine resources from a coalition of businesses and volunteers to maximize reach, support and impact.
  • The five main components of our program are:

    1. Education - Many Local BBBs on and around military installations teach financial readiness classes to service members.
    2. Outreach - We attend and support community fairs, conferences and other events, speaking with service members and distributing information.
    3. Information - Our website provides a one stop shop for articles, links, and consumer alerts for each branch of service.
    4. Data Collection - We analyze BBB data to help identify the threats and needs of our military community in the marketplace.
    5. Complaint and Dispute Resolution - Filing a complaint with BBB helps military consumers resolve disputes and alerts us to issues affecting the military community at large.

Financial Readiness Campaign - My Army Benefits

The Financial Readiness Campaign focuses on financial readiness education, programs, and resources to enhance financial literacy.

The Financial Readiness Campaign is built upon eight fundamental pillars. The Eight Pillars of Financial Readiness are:

  1. Maintain good credit
  2. Achieve financial stability
  3. Establish routine savings
  4. Participate in the Thrift Savings Plan and Savings Deposit Program
  5. Sustain the Service member’s Group Life Insurance (SGLI) and carry other appropriate insurance
  6. Utilize low-cost alternative loan products and avoid payday/predatory loans
  7. Take advantage of low-cost Morale, Welfare, and Recreation programs
  8. Preserve security clearances

Military Saves

"I've got plenty of savings, and I never worry about money."

Military Saves

Military Saves encourages the military community to meet immediate needs and build long-term wealth through saving and debt reduction.

Impact on Our Military's Operational Readiness

  • More than half of all enlisted Service Members experience some type of financial difficulty
  • Financial problems cost the Service a whopping $172 million annually in lost productivity
  • Financial difficulties of Service Members have a greater impact on operational readiness than housing, child care, or health care

Financial Challenges Faced by Service Members and Their Families

Financial impact of deployment includes...

  • Loss of income
  • Family moves
  • Leave of absence from job
  • Changes in lifestyle
  • Shift of financial responsibilities
  • Increased use of credit cards

Of 6,200 Service Members Surveyed...

  • 27% reported trouble paying bills
  • 21% had received pressure from bill collectors
  • 19% had trouble making ends meet
  • 9% had pawned valuables
  • 4$ were delinquent on rent or mortgage
  • 4% reported "serious" difficulties, such as repossession or bankruptcy

Sources: Official Equates Financial, Military Readiness, Dept of Defense, American Forces Press Service.

Statistics--; DoD Survey of 6,200 enlisted Service Members, 1997, Rand Corporation;

DoD Offers Dollars & Cents Guide to Managing Your Finances, Paul Stone, American Services Press Force

Financial Facts

Did you know that more than half of all enlisted Service Members experience some type of financial difficulty? Or that Financial problems cost the Service $172 million annually in lost productivity?

To learn more about the financial hardships faced by Service Members, click here (PDF).

Army Gold is an interactive online game designed to help users better their understanding in the areas of personal finance and home buying. Army Gold combines entertainment, social networking, and training in these areas. Users enter a virtual environment with personalized avatars, and tackle financially-related games and short quizzes, helping to increase the user's financial literacy.


Our personal finance calculators are designed to help guide you through the financial decision-making process. All calculators are built to help you successfully manage your personal finances including, debt payoff, investments and loan consolidation.

  • Savings
    View the difference a regular savings plan can make!
  • Compound Interest
    See why it's better to start saving early for retirement.
  • Debt Payoff
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