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NAACP awards go to Army leaders
The NAACP gave its top military service awards for 2010 to three Army leaders for their contribution to equal opportunity in the military.
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New director wants to bring Alaska adventure to youth
Fort Wainwright introduces its new youth Sports Director, Matthew Sagatz.
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Buying a Home in Alaska part 3
When purchasing a home in Alaska, ask lots of questions! Ask for and review copies of a seller's utility bills before signing a written offer. Also, n...
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Outdoor programs specialists at the Fort Wainwright Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation’s Outdoor Recreation program have a new take on the old proverb about giving a man a fish.

This 236th birthday commemorates America’s Army – Soldiers, Families and Civilians – who are achieving a level of excellence that is truly Army Strong.

On Tuesday, April 12th, first lady Michelle Obama announced “Joining Forces,” an initiative to support the unique challenges faced by troops and military Families.

The Army OneSource Community in Second Life is the next generation of innovation for virtual world services and resources designed to serve Soldiers and Families worldwide.

Who isn't pinching pennies these days? In fact, many of us have been putting things off in order to save money. One thing you shouldn't put off, though, is becoming prepared for emergencies and disasters. As difficult as it may be financially, it's something you just can't turn away from.

Soldiers at The Northern Warfare Training Center, or NWTC, at Black Rapids Training Site south of Fort Greely, Alaska, learn how to survive, maneuver and fight in extreme conditions.

Money Matters Mobile is available now! Access the new financial readiness application through your SmartPhone browser today and begin taking steps to save money, reduce debt and build wealth.

The ice bridge at the U.S. Army Cold Regions Test Center at Fort Greely, about 100 miles southeast of Fairbanks, enables units to reach otherwise inaccessible areas across the frozen Delta River.

If you are a Soldier stationed at Fort Wainwright, there is a good chance you've been to the photography studio. Carol Holley is the photographer, the receptionist and the technician working the one-person shop behind Natural Resources.

The U.S. Army is now furthering its goal to empower, unburden and protect the warfighter by developing "green" technology that converts waste into fuel.

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