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Japan (Okinawa)

Torii Station man and dog assist rescue efforts in northern Japan

Meita Terukina, Food Service Manager at the Coral Cove club on Torii Station and his Doberman Pinscher went on their first mission together as a search and rescue dog team to help search for survivors of the earthquake and tsunami that ravaged northern Japan.Full Story

Torii Station prepares Japan relief supplies

Employees with the U.S. Army Garrison Torii Station, Department of Logistics located on Camp Kinser prepared nine pallets of relief supplies ready for delivery to Japan in an effort to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami. Full Story

Army OneSource Community in Second Life announces the arrival of the Virtual Resiliency Campus

The Army OneSource Community in Second Life is the next generation of innovation for virtual world services and resources designed to serve Soldiers and Families worldwide.Full Story

To: All Units From: U.S. Consulate General Naha
The US Consulate General Naha is actively supporting the US Embassy relief effort for the earthquakes and tsunamis in northern Japan.
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Message to Americans in Japan
U.S. Ambassador to Japan John V. Roos issued a message to Americans living there to bring them up to date on the aftermath of the earthquake and tsuna...
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U.S. Soldiers learn ikebana through traditional Japanese arts
Flower arrangement, referred to as "ikebana" by the Japanese, is one of the customs Japanese citizens use as a form of relaxation, balance, and focus....
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Google Person Finder

Google launched a Person Finder that will help people search for missing family and friends. Google Person Finder allows you to search for people or prove information on someone that may be missing.


Important Information for Family Members Who Left Japan in Response to the March 11, 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami 

To ensure uninterrupted access to care, TRICARE beneficiaries who have relocated, but are still enrolled to military clinics or hospitals in Japan, need to make a decision about their TRICARE Prime enrollment before June 30, 2011. After this date, unauthorized care received in the continental United States may be subject to cost-shares and up front payments (the link also includes vital info for those not returning to Japan). For more information visit http://www.tricare.mil/tsunami/default.aspx


New Features Allow Users Access to Expanded Personal Health Data at TRICARE Online "Blue Button"

A new feature on TRICARE Online at www.tricareonline.com now allows users access to expanded personal health data, including lab results, patient history and diagnoses, and provider visits.

U.S. Army Japan/1st Corps Forward Prepares for Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Response

In response to the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that occurred Friday, 11 March in the vicinity of Sendai, Japan, U.S. Army Japan/1st Corps Forward has fully activated its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and is mobilizing a disaster assessment team to assist with bilateral humanitarian aid/disaster relief support operations in northern Japan. U.S. Army Japan is sending a ten person team made up of translators, personnel from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Japan Engineer District, communications experts, and medical personnel. The disaster assessment team will depart Camp Zama, in Kanagawa Prefecture and deploy to the Sendai area to join with the U.S. Forces Japan forward command post that is in place to synch U.S. efforts with their Japan Self Defense counterparts.

U.S. Army Japan's primary mission is the defense of Japan, as part of the U.S.-Government of Japan Mutual Security Alliance. This operation is in response to requests by the Japanese Government to assist in rescue and recovery operations.

Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships

Our Community Support Coordinators have established key legal and financial partnerships that will help make your life as a member of the Army Family better!

Army Soldier Show

Do you have what it takes to join the Army Soldier Show?

Common Ground

Common Ground can assist you navigating through the challenges of live by helping you find you need to support your family.

Tax Help

The attached article (PDF) gives tax center news for the upcoming tax year.

Marine Corps Events Calendar

Please find the Monthly Personal Services Center Calendar of Events and the class specific Foster monthly schedule located and updated on the MCCS website.

Preventive Law Articles

Preventive law articles  have been sent to the Army on Okinawa are available at USAG, Torii Station website.

Journal of Installation Management

Read the 2010 Annual Special Edition of the U.S. Army Journal of Installation Management.

Tricare Scandal

There have been reports of false telephone calls claiming to be Tricare representatives requesting personal information from service members. If you receive a call that requests personal information, do not disclose it. Ask the caller basic questions to help ensure you determine if the call is legitimate – do they have a call back number, their name and employee number, company name, and why they need your personal information. Remember, your personal information is yours and you need to protect it.

DBIDS Availability

Registration for the Defense Biometric Identification Data System (DBIDS) will no longer be available at the Keystone Theater due to low turnout. All registration will occur at the Gate 1 Visitor's Center. 

Wireless Device Restrictions

Wireless devices operating in 900MHz are not authorized for use in Japan because they affect off-base 911 services, fire and police department communications, and cell phone towers. Wireless devices that can be used are 2.4 GHZ and 5.8 GHz. Be careful with 5.8GHz cordless phones as they can transmit 900MHz from handset to base; check the user manual under technical specs for transmit frequency. 

Postal Advisory

There are a number of restrictions on mailing items to Japan. Listed below are a few of the items frequently detected by Japanese Custom Officials: fresh fruits, vegetables, meat products (unless accompanied by an inspection certificate issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture) and pornographic materials. 

Pet Sitting

If you are interested in volunteering to pet-sit for deployed personnel, contact Dana McIlwain at 634-2399 or dana.mcilwain@kadena.af.mil.


U.S. Military Handbook:

Designed to help all active duty U.S. Military personnel by giving them the most accurate and complete information available anywhere on pay, allowances, taxes, health care and TRICARE benefits, Veterans and Social Security Benefits, travel, transportation, SBP, retirement, Spac-A, installation listings, statistical data and more. http://www.militaryhandbooks.com


Benefits for Veterans and Dependents:

Written for veterans and their dependents, covers: health care benefits, disability compensation, pension, vocational rehabilitation and employment, education and training, home loan guarantees, life insurance, burial benefits, survivor benefits, women veterans, homeless veterans, overseas benefits, small and disadvantaged businesses, appeals, workplace benefits, miscellaneous programs and more.



Education Opportunities:

Get the after-school EDGE! The Edge! Program offers out-of school opportunities for children and youth to experience, develop, grow and excel by participating in cutting-edge art, fitness, life skills and adventure activities, known as Art EDGE! Fit EDGE!, Life EDGE! And Adventure EDGE!. Must be military or DOD children signed up through central enrollment. For more information regarding the EDGE! Program contact Enrollment Office at 442-3927.

Attention Army Kids! Get Real-time help. Find a resource 24/7. Get FREE online tutoring for Grades K-12+ at www.myarmyonesource.com/cyss_tutor. Online learning and career services for Families!

Now through 17 February—Scholarships for Military Children Program from the Defense Commissary Agency and Fisher House. Scholarship applications are available on-line at www.militaryscholar.org

Now through 1 March—Army Emergency Relief Stateside Spouse Education Assistance Program and Dependent Children Scholarship Program for the 2010-2011 school year. Scholarship applications are available on-line at www.aerhq.org

Now through 1 March—Educational Scholarships and interest free loans through Educational Assistance Program of MOAA. Visit www.moaa.org for more information.

Lieutenant Colonel Janell Eickhoff, 1-1 ADA Battalion Commander, learned from her Soldiers that they wanted to have a ball of their own. The Soldiers wanted a ball atmosphere without the speeches, the skits, and most of all, dress uniforms. Thus, the Spring Stars Ball was born. The object of the Spring Stars Ball was to create a ball for the Soldiers by the Soldiers. A volunteer panel of 15 Soldiers from each unit in the battalion assembled. During weekly meetings the Soldiers planned every detail of the ball, from ticket prices to the dress code and color scheme. LTC Eickhoff often attended these meetings as a facilitator. Soldiers on the committee voted on every issue. Though it seems strange to have such a democratic process in the military, the meetings were extremely productive. The Soldiers learned to generate and issue tasks to each other to achieve success; the most difficult task each Soldier encountered was selling the Spring Ball to their peers.

U.S. Army Soldiers from the Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) program, 58th Signal Battalion, 1/1 Air Defense Artillery Regiment, 835th Transportation Battalion and U.S. Army Garrison Japan, Torii Station joined efforts with U.S. Marines, Boy Scouts and Japanese citizens to help clean up the Lt. Gen. Simon B. Buckner, Jr. memorial site located in Itoman City.

Disaster in Japan

For the latest information about the disaster in Japan, including resources for locating family and friends, visit our Disaster in Japan page.

Japan Earthquake 2011 Family Support

A response community for the earthquake near Japan and resulting tsunami containing information for Family members affected by the Japan disaster.

Welcome to the Japan Community Support Coordinator Page

My goal as the Community Support Coordinator is to ensure that all Military Families can access resources regardless of their service affiliation or geographical location.

Please feel free to contact me at any time via ARMYBook or my Forum if you have questions.

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Sgt Turner earns Purple Heart

Sgt Turner receives Purple HeartLTC Eickhoff, 1-1ADA Commander, presents SGT Turner with the Purple Heart Award for injuries that he sustained During Operation Enduring Freedom August 2010.

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Speeding on Okinawa is different than speeding in the United States. In April, Okinawa drivers should expect to see more vigorous enforcement of speed laws by the Japanese Government.
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