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7 Ways to Lower Your Utility Bill
The average American home will spend $990 on heating this year, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA).
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Franchise Opportunities for Veterans
Are you a veteran looking to start your own franchise operation? Did you know that VetFran is an organization of nearly 400 franchise companies that o...
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Four Ways to Safeguard Your Job in Hard Times
When times are tough, holding onto a job can be even tougher. Here are four tips that can help you safeguard your job even under rough circumstances.
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A new consumer protection agency with far-reaching regulatory power has an office focused specifically on increasing military members' financial education while safeguarding them from predatory lending practices.

PTSD is an anxiety disorder or condition that is common in wounded warriors who have been exposed to traumatic events while performing their military responsibilities.

ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. - Who isn't pinching pennies these days? In fact, many of us have been putting things off in order to save money. One thing you shouldn't put off, though, is becoming prepared for emergencies and disasters.

Active-duty family members who live near some Army installations soon will have an additional option for health care, without traffic, waiting time, expense and frustration that may sometimes be involved with going to on-post medical facilities or TRICARE network providers.

A good credit score will not only facilitate your ability to get financing to buy an automobile, a home and many other things at favorable interest rates, but could also help you get a job and obtain or keep your security clearance. Your credit score is a very important number. So, how do you build and maintain a good one—and, over time, even improve your score?

A career fair is a great place to gather information about potential employers and make contacts that can lead to your first job. Here's some advice on how to make the most of your time.

Stress is inevitable. It walks in and out of our lives on a regular basis.

A former military boss of mine was married to a civilian. When she found out her next assignment was in Turkey, he walked away from a good job, his family and friends to follow her overseas.

Wayne State graduate Dr. Brigid Waldron-Perrine conducted a study that found that among individuals who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries, feeling closer to a higher power makes rehabilitation easier.

STUTTGART, Germany - Servicemembers face specific challenges after a deployment, but they're not the only ones. Their spouses also have adjustments to make in order to build close family ties after a year of independence.

Check out this list of Faith Based Organizations committed to helping you as a member of the Army Family!

On Tuesday, April 12th, first lady Michelle Obama announced “Joining Forces,” an initiative to support the unique challenges faced by troops and military Families.

Check out these great resources for Legal Assistance!

The Army OneSource Community in Second Life is the next generation of innovation for virtual world services and resources designed to serve Soldiers and Families worldwide.