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Milicruit Annual Military Spouse National Online Career Fair
Military Spouse National Online Career Fair May 7, 2012 1:00 - 4:00 ET
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Spouse Telephone Support Program Demonstrates Improved Quality of Life
The Department of Veterans Affairs is implementing a telephone support program to help the spouses of returning Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans, after a...
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Introducing Army OneSource Virtual World
The Army OneSource Community is the next generation of innovation for virtual world services and resources designed to serve Soldiers and Families wor...
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MyFreeTaxesVeterans and active duty military can join millions of their fellow Americans and save money at tax time. MyFreeTaxes provides free federal and state tax preparation and filing assistance both online and in person for qualified individuals and families earning $58,000 or less. is the only free online tax preparation and filing service available in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., allowing users to file both a federal and state return no matter where they live. Learn more at

These cities have an IRS certified tax coach onsite in a Veterans organization to assist Service members, Veterans and their Family members with preparing their own taxes through MyFreeTaxes.

  • Washington DC – VA Veterans Community Resource & Referral Center
  • Dallas, TX – Veterans Community Resource & Referral Center
  • Atlanta, GA – Ft. McPherson Veterans Community Resource & Referral Center
  • Nashville, TN - Operation Stand Down
  • Detroit, MI – VA Hospital & Veterans Community Resource & Referral Center
  • Jacksonville, FL – City of Jax Department of Military Affairs & Veterans Services
  • Chicago, IL – Workforce Centers promoting through Veterans staff
  • Los Angeles, CA – Workforce Centers promoting through Veterans staff

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Download the MyFreeTaxes Flyer for more information.

Military Saves - National Guard Summer Savings Drive

WASHINGTON, D.C. (6/4/13) - Military Saves announced the launch of the first National Guard Summer Savings Drive to encourage Guard members and their families to take the Military Saves pledge as a commitment to save regularly.

The Savings Drive will take place June 1, 2013 through June 30, 2013.

“The National Guard Summer Savings Drive is an opportunity for organizations to promote the importance of saving successfully to National Guard members and their families,” said Andia Dinesen, Military Saves Coordinator. “With the beginning of summer, and spending temptations like summer sales and vacations approaching, this event will motivate service members and their families to take a look at their finances and set up successful savings plans.”

Military Saves has teamed up with the National Guard Bureau, the NG State and Family Program Directors, and the contracted Personal Financial Counselors to reach the Guard and Reserve population.

Organizations that work with a National Guard population can take advantage of this savings drive by signing up to participate ( and downloading free
resources to help plan and promote a pledge drive in their area.

So far, more than 20 organizations including 6 State’s Personal Financial Counselors or Family Program Directors, The Association for Financial
Counseling and Planning Education, and Headquarters National Guard Bureau, have signed up to participate in the Summer Savings Drive.

“We know that the most successful strategy to savings is to save automatically by putting of your paycheck automatically into a savings account,” Dinesen said. “Two important ways to save successfully are to participate in the Thrift Savings Plan and Savings Deposit Program, when

Military Saves is committed to helping service members and their families succeed financially.

Organizations that work with a National Guard population are encouraged to sign up at to participate, share the Military Saves messaging, and encourage everyone to take the Military Saves pledge or re-pledge at

E-Tip of the Month


In The May 2012 Issue...
Three Opt Out Offers to Consider
• Opt Out of Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers
• Opt Out of Direct Mail (Junk in our Mailbox and/or Inbox)
• Opt Out of Telemarketing Lists

Top 3 Opt Out Offers We Should All Consider

Pre-approved credit card offers, junk mail, and telemarketers can be hassles and pose real financial security risks to us. "Opting out" of these services is a way to minimize these intrusions into our lives.

Here are three opt out actions you might want to consider taking advantage of:

1. Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers: Call toll-free 888-5-OPTOUT (888-567-8688) or visit to decrease the number of pre-approved credit card offers in your mailbox. You are able opt out for five years or permanently. If you change your mind and want to opt back in, follow the same process. The process may take up to 60 days to stop receiving pre-screened offers, though you will likely notice a decrease in the amount of offers in your mailbox within a week or so.

2. Junk Mail and Email: To decrease the amount of commercial junk mail (technically known as direct mail) you receive, visit This service can help you set limits with regards to who may send you catalogs and commercial offers by mail and/or email. The service is effective only for 3 years, so you would have to revisit the site before it expires.

3. Telemarketing Offers: To drastically cut the number of telemarketers calling you, add your phone to the national Do Not Call registry at or by calling 888-382-1222 from the phone number you'd like to register.

None of these services are guaranteed to completely stop all offers by mail, email, or phone, but they can have a noticeable impact on the intrusion such offers make into your time.

Best wishes as you continue striving to live debt free. We know it’s not always easy, but it’s always well worth your effort. If you have any questions, would like to discuss ways to meet your financial challenges, or, if you’re a current or former client, simply want to update us on your present situation, please contact us at your convenience. We are here to help you and look forward to hearing from you.

Military Saves

Be a Military Saver

"I've got plenty of savings, and I never worry about money."

Help our military families and our nation say that and mean it. Join the Military Saves campaign today, and invite your entire organization to become a saving community. Visit

If you’re part of a military organization, ask your commander to commit to the campaign. It’s part of the DoD Financial Readiness Campaign, and is an official program authorized by the Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp, National Guard, and Coast Guard are all partners in the campaign. It’s as simple as promoting saving – for emergencies, for purchases, for debt reduction, for home ownership, for education, for retirement – to the men and women in your organization, and to their families. Your defense credit union and military bank will help you by offering incentives and support for special events, and your Family Programs office can provide classes, workshop, counseling, and other financial literacy services that your people will want once they commit to building wealth.

If you’re a corporate representative or contractor, support the campaign within the military organizations you’re connected to, and bring the campaign to your company. Military Saves is part of the America Saves campaign, and we are committed to helping all organizations encourage saving among their employees, members and customers. Your human resources, marketing, and other executive staff will be interested in the simple system we suggest for campaign participation, and in the customizable resources available for your campaign partnership.

Go to today, and click on the “Resources” tab. If you have questions or want individual consultation, call or email us. Welcome to the campaign for a financially free America!

Before You Sell Your Electronics, Safeguard Your Personal Information!

By Jason McGlone- Director, Advertising Review – July 26, 2013
Posted in: Advertising, Alerts/Scams, National

The market for used and refurbished electronics is understandably huge; it’s often a really good way to get a gadget for less than full price. What’s more, you can still stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest in tablets, cellphones and computers.

Whether you’re selling or buying used or refurbished electronics, you’ll want to be thoughtful when it comes to personal information. It’s vital to safeguard your personal information and to be sensitive of others’, as well. If you don’t you could risk embarrassment at best and identity theft at worst.

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Moving to a New Home? Avoid Rip-Off ‘Change My Address’ Services

By Katie Burgoyne – July 25, 2013
Posted in: Consumer/Business Services, Moving Services, National, Real Estate, Sales, Scam

 Many tasks need to be completed when you move. One of the easiest and most essential chores is changing your mailing address. The smartest way to do this is to go to your local post office in person, or by visiting the official United States Postal Service website. But because we are creatures of habit living in a technology-driven age, people often turn to their favorite search engine for all their needs.

Herb Weisbaum, the ConsumerMan, contributed a report to CNBC warning consumers of potential pitfalls in relying upon “change my address” Google searches. Results list the official USPS website, along with a slew of privately run businesses. These private companies offer to complete the change of address process for you, but at a cost anywhere from $17 to $24 to cover fees (postage, handling, mailing, etc.) There have been hundreds of complaints regarding these private services, in part because of the hidden fees that are charged.

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By Lisa Daniel
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, July 24, 2012 – A redesigned program for service members separating from the military will help veterans better apply the experience they’ve gained in uniform, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta said.

President Barack Obama announced the revamped program, called “Transition GPS,” in a speech yesterday at the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention in Reno, Nev.

"I applaud the leadership of President Obama to bring together government agencies around the goal of enhancing career opportunities for service members," Panetta said in a statement. "Our personnel have developed extraordinary technical expertise and world-class leadership skills that are in high demand. Transition GPS will help military members apply their experience to additional training, formal education, and develop successful civilian careers."

Transition GPS is the first major overhaul of the military’s Transition Assistance Program in nearly 20 years, White House officials said. TAP was developed by an interagency team from the departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs, Labor, Education and Homeland Security, as along with the Office of Personnel and Management and the Small Business Administration.

Recent military veterans will have top priority for jobs under a federal program to put more police officers on patrol on America's streets

Under the Justice Department's COPS (Community Oriented Policing Services) program, 629 of the 800 police jobs funded for the next three years – all the newly hired officers – must go to veterans who served at least 180 days' active duty since 9/11. This is the first time the 18-year-old COPS program has required cities and counties seeking grants to hire veterans exclusively.

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World Law Debt puts consumers in a world of financial trouble

By Charles Wood – July 26, 2013
Posted in: Alerts/Scams, Consumer/Business Services
Better Business Bureau

BBB warns public about potential credit damage from Texas-based company

World Law Debt tells consumers it can reduce the amount they owe and help pay down debt. But, Better Business Bureau discovered the company’s practices often get consumers into legal trouble and drive them further into debt.

As of July 24, 2013, BBB has 34 reportable complaints for World Law Debt on its BBB Business Review. The company did not respond to 17 complaints and failed to resolve eight. Complainants allege they paid monthly fees into an account to be used to pay down their debt. No communication was made with creditors and large upfront fees were removed from the account. Some consumers further allege they were pursued by collection agencies and in some cases sued by their creditors as a result.

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Financial Management Awareness Program

Financial Management Awareness Program

Managing money can be demanding, especially for National Guard members and Families coping with the challenges of military service and deployment. Fortunately, practical support, tools and resources are available to help you secure your future, achieve your financial goals and improve your quality of life. The Financial Management Awareness Program is the newest addition to the support programs of the National Guard Bureau, connecting you to valuable financial information, services, and support.


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