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Sun Nov 29, 2015
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Online Training

Training is a fundamental component of Army OneSource that allows site users to take full advantage of the applications and tools available to train around the world. Army OneSource offers trainings in three ways: Computer-Based Training, Webinar Training, and Online Help Center

Online Learning Management System Webinar Training Help Center

Online Learning Management System - Computer-Based Training

The Army OneSource Online Learning Management System is an interactive and engaging menu of Computer Based Trainings (CBTs) that can be started and completed without time constraints. With the exception of Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) and Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) courses, after course completion all participants receive a certificate which may be used for promotion points, depending on the course. Internet access is the only requirement for taking the Computer-Based Training. The courses offered are:

  • AFTB Training
    • Level I Training
    • Level II Training
    • Level III Training
  • EFMP Program Overview
  • Financial Planning for Retirement
  • Getting Involved
    • Family Readiness Group (FRG) Leader's Training
  • Internet Safety for Kids
  • Mentor Training
  • Money Matters
    • Financial Readiness Training
  • Rear Detachment Commander
  • Volunteer Management
    • Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) Training


Help Center and Support

Army OneSource contains a wealth of resources for supporting Soldiers and their Families. The Help Center is a comprehensive guide of Army OneSource's wide variety of tools, features, and social media programs and how they work. It contains specific instructional videos on dozens of topics and provided links to additional help resources. 

  • Army OneSource Overview: Introduction to the site.
  • ViewPoints! Blog: Learn about the blog community.
  • ArmyBook: Social media tool for Soldiers and Families
  • MyAOS: How to customize the Army OneSource experience.
  • Preferences: Tools, subscriptions, passwords and more.
  • Army OneSource Forum: How to join the discussion.


Webinar Training

Army OneSource offers many Webinar Trainings. Participants can connect to a webinar through the internet for video interaction and telephone for live audio with one of the Army OneSource Technical Trainers. Participate in training without having to leave your desk. All participants receive a certificate upon training completion. 

  • Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) Issue Management System: Local Level Management Training
    Designed for the Local Level Manager. Learn to Submit, Edit, Manage, Search, within the Issue Management System. Classes open to AFAP Local Level Managers.
  • General Army Onesource: Social Networking & Services Locator
    Introduction to ARMYBook, the social networking tool created for Army Soldiers and their Families. Learn to use the AOS forums and blogs, as well as the Services Locator tool. Classes open to public.
  • Virtual World:
    Introduction to the new virtual environment and financial game learning tool. Learn to customize an avatar and how to move around the area. Classes open to public.
  • Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS):
    • Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator
      Learn to add military community organizations, invite OPOCs, create volunteer positions, accept volunteer applications, certify volunteer hours, and utilize reporting tools. Classes open to AVC Coordinators.
    • Army Volunteer Corps Organization Point of Contact
      Learn to create volunteer positions, accept volunteer applications, manage volunteers, certify volunteer hours and utilize reporting tools. Classes open to OPOCs.
    • Army Volunteer Corps Volunteer
      Learn to search for volunteer positions, apply for positions, enter volunteer hours and maintain Volunteer Service Records. Classes open to public.

Additional Training Outside of Army OneSource

Army Reserve Family Programs Training

Reserve - Training Center

The Army Reserve Family Programs offers an Online Training Center that provides a variety of Life Skills training and support for Commanders, Family Programs Staff members, Soldiers, Family members, and volunteers.


National Guard Training

Guard - Program Services Training

The Joint Services Support website offers The National Guard Volunteer Training to support and educate Families along the path of their National Guard life.


Taking Care of Business - Predeployment Videos

There is no such thing as being too prepared. It is important to make the necessary arrangements to ensure that your loved ones and family will be taken care of if the worst should happen. It is a difficult subject to discuss, but may be one of the most important discussions a Soldier can have with those they love.

These "Taking Care of Business" videos explain which forms and what documents a Soldier should complete to ensure their final wishes are observed.

Watch Video

DD Form 93
Watch Video

Watch Video

Advanced Medical Directive
Watch Video

Last Will and Testament
Watch Video

Watch Video

Powers of Attorney
Watch Video

Watch Video